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Personal Review OF CBD 300 Tablets


Jason Claassens

Warehouse Manager – Sparta Pharmaceuticals

22 Years Old


Where do I even start.

I was asked to review this product as we make it at our facility and it is truly a remarkable product.


In my work environment, I am subjected to copious amounts of stress and anxiety as I work in a fast passed department. The CBD tablets have helped me in the following ways:

It has allowed me to have better focus throughout the day allowing me to get more work done in a standard day.

It has reduced the levels of stress that I’ve experienced exponentially and made me feel a lot calmer about situations out of my control.

I have suffered from insomnia since I was in high school and with the help of CBD 300 I have been able to fall asleep well before midnight and have slept straight through the evening waking up feeling rested and ready for my day.

CBD 300 has also helped me with regards to my appetite, I used to only eat when I got home from work as there was never any time or need to eat throughout my day, lately while using CBD 300 I have actively made a plan to eat regularly.

I can genuinely say that while using CBD 300 I feel better on a daily basis and I can feel the effects benefiting me every day.

When I don’t take my tablet for the day I feel sluggish to start and the motivation escapes me.

It has truly been a privilege to be able to review this product as I feel it has many great qualities that will help many people looking for a safer alternative than scheduled medication.

A lot of the power attributed to the healing power of medication is the perception thereof, you need to be open to the possibility of a product being able to help you if you truly want to feel it working in a positive way.


CBD 300 is truly a help to the young aspiring professional.



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Review CBD 300 – Stress Relief

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