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CBD 300 for concentration and ADHD

I purchased CBD 300 by wild leaf infusions in the hope that it would help me with increasing my concentration due to my ADHD which can usually make me feel anxious and stressed.


At first, I was afraid to try it as i thought of it as your as “marijuana based product” and didn’t want to feel intoxicated, however CBD 300 HAS no side effects and it doesn’t make you feel weird.

I have been Taking one tablet a day and I’ve found CBD 300 helps with increasing my concentration, and keeps me calm which is vital whilst teaching my students how to drive.


I was prescribed your typical prescription medication by my doctor but that actually worsened my concentration and gave me anxiety, caused depression and heavy emotional states and had the complete opposite effect on me.I however found with CBD 300, being natural, has none of those nasty effects on me and really has changed life with regards to and concentration and keeping me calm- which is brilliant owning a driving academy, where my clients need my constant attention.


I would highly recommend this product to anyone who suffers with bad anxiety, ADHD and stress. IT has really made a great difference in my life and will continue to use it daily.


K.J Bartman – Owner @ KayJay Driving Academy


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