Can CBD aid in improving the performance of cyclists?

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We live in a day and age where pushing the boundaries is the norm for any sport, and being a cyclist means that you strive to be at the pinnacle of sports performance, even at an amateur or recreational level. 

Being able to ride for longer distances or push at a higher pace is always the goal of any rider, but can CBD give you a newfound edge? Even world-renowned cyclist Floyd Landis has seen the benefits of CBD and its effects on recovery.

In a world of supplements and recovery drinks, does CBD have its place to enhance a rider’s performance?

Although CBD has got no direct muscle-building properties, it is shown to aid and support many other bodily functions that lead to aiding the recovery which may increase performance. From aiding cyclists in relieving pain CBD may also aid in reducing inflammation, as well as improving mental focus and clarity. 

These benefits are a must-have for any rider wanting to set new personal bests. CBD is also the only cannabinoid not on WADA’s list of prohibited substances.



Cyclists are known to push their bodies to the limits from long grueling rides to fast pace sprint cycles, this always has the potential of leaving you with pain after training.

CBD has been shown to aid in reducing levels of pain, meaning that you can push longer during and after training. CBD has also been shown to aid in reducing levels of inflammation which is associated with muscle damage.

By aiding in relieving pain and inflammation, this will allow you to push harder with more endurance even whilst training at peak, and non-peak levels as long as you are not pushing through any major muscle or joint damage.


Whilst more studies are being done, CBD has been shown that it may aid in relieving anxiety and giving the user a sense of calm which will allow for the increased focus to take each ride to its full potential.

A new study from University College London found that (CBD) increases blood flow to a key region of the brain responsible for emotions and memory. CBD has also been shown to aid in enhancing anandamide signaling in the brain. Anandamide is often referred to as the “bliss molecule” and healthy levels of it are linked to feelings of well-being and happiness.

Research suggests that CBD may reduce stress levels by interfering with the amount of cortisol being released. 

While the effects of CBD can be very individual and anecdotal, there is some evidence that it may help certain athletes increase their sensor awareness to help make their cognitive function more precise and their training more efficient. These focus related effects may help athletes with poor concentration from getting distracted during their training.


Research suggests that CBD may aid the treatment of sleeplessness. Although not cycling or exercise-related, many people use CBD daily as a sleeping aid. Adequate sleep is vital for everyone, but it is crucial for an athlete or aspiring trainee. Sleep aids in building muscle and recovering from exercise and a lack of sleep has been shown to decrease insulin sensitivity and raise the catabolic hormone known as cortisol. CBD has been shown to interfere with cortisol secretion in the body.

Elevated levels of cortisol have been linked to a decrease in muscle mass as well as increased levels of stress, making sleep a vital function for all cyclists.

With a lack of sleep, a rider doesn’t correctly utilize energy. There are sleep medications out in the market, but some may have addictive effects and are not WADA approved. CBD is a natural supplement that works with the body’s endocannabinoid system and regulates the body’s natural chemicals. 


As we have seen CBD, has many therapeutic qualities that may potentially aid athletes to recover from their training, this may be from managing inflammation pre and post-workout, reducing muscle strain and soreness from vigorous training, and promoting healthy levels of sleep.

By inhibiting the production of cortisol, this promotes a harmonious environment from lower catabolic hormones as well as keeping the body in homeostasis.

Studies may even in the future show that some injuries may be dealt with by using CBD instead of using over the counter drugs or NSAIDs.


With all of the properties of CBD listed above, it is no wonder some of the world’s top cyclists such as Floyd Landis are promoting CBD to give athletes an edge. Due to CBD being WADA approved, this may set an athlete’s mind at ease that CBD can be a great addition to any training regime.

Take 1 to 2 CBD 300 tablets either pre and/or post-workout for aiding the recovery of long, hard, grueling rides or training sessions or have 1 serving of Tranquility Hot Cocoa prior to bed.


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